Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Elitist Classics: Swan Song

Believe it or not, a lot of thought goes into our selection of Elitist Classics.  Our selection of Classics goes beyond our personal likes and dislikes. The funny thing is how, many times, each member of the EBR crew will say, "This is totally a Classic!"...and none of the others have read it. And by others I usually mean me. Especially in the realms of Science Fiction.  The reason? Heck if I know. I think I tend to focus on new releases, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I was looking over our previous posts, and I realized how little we had in terms of Elitist Classics in the Horror genre. This was my opportunity to broaden my reading a bit, and, you know, do something useful for the site!

I'm not ashamed--not even the tiniest bit--to admit that I've been on a Robert McCammon kick lately. McCammon is an incredible writer, and an even better person. I'm sure you all had the chance to get a peek of that yourselves with his interview that I conducted here a bit ago. The man is a legend.

McCammon wrote his apocalypse story with SWAN SONG. This story is huge in size and scope, and is truly epic. It is Epic Horror. Yeah. I said it.

The story begins with the US on the brink of WWIII, and a standoff between us and Russia. The tension is palpable, and it manages to refrain from feeling dated even though this novel was originally published over 20 years ago. Nuclear war happens, and the world is left dead and ruined. We get the PoVs of Swan, Josh, Sister and Roland as they make their way across the toxic nation, pursued by a power of pure evil.

The moment I realized how much I was digging this book was when I kept thinking, "Geez, I'd love to see that scene commissioned to be painted by a pro." There is just so much beautiful and terrible imagery in SWAN SONG, that I couldn't help nod my head in appreciation. There are tear-jerking moments, and ones that make you want to cheer.

Where other large apocalyptic novels lose steam and focus, I never once felt that SWAN SONG didn't have a direction. In fact, it was the ever present feeling that everything was heading towards a massive confrontation that made this huge novel pass by like I was reading a book half it's length.

If you want good, classic horror, look no further than McCammon. Give SWAN SONG a shot. I think you'll be pleasantly pleased.

Recommended Age: 17+
Language: Tons
Violence: Holy crap. Tons. Lots of death and destruction. Its a HORROR novel
Sex: Yup

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